"Our kids are lifelong learners; they do not stop learning when they walk out the gate; they don’t stop learning when they leave school. Big History will set them up to be informed learners, informed citizens, and better people."

Big History Teacher
"Humans really want to see everything together. It’s like a
part of you that needs to be filled – you need to have an understanding of how everything’s connected."

Big History Student
"Big History helped me think about things more deeply. I’ve always wanted to know what’s out there and why."

Big History Student
"This course is so different from any other. It isn’t often that you get comments from parents about their dinnertime conversation being focussed around their daughter’s classwork… This course has sparked so much interest in, and enthusiasm for, learning from people of all ages."

Big History Teacher
"Big History explains a lot of the questions
which are at the core of all of us: why are we here,
and how did it come to this?"

Big History Teacher
"This course came to me as an answer to many unanswered questions about life. So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to take this mind changing journey of 13.8 billion years."

Big History Student

What is Big History School?

Big History School is an educational game-changer. Big History School expands the minds of students with a journey from the beginning of the universe to modern societies, to show how everything is connected.

Why does every student need Big History School?

No other course connects knowledge from different subject areas into a big picture framework for students. Students need a framework for knowledge to organise what they learn in school, and in life. With this framework students can make sense of their own education now, and into the future.

How does Big History School improve student performance?

A coherent framework for knowledge helps students understand the relevance of subjects across the sciences and humanities. This insight builds student confidence and boosts interest and engagement across the curriculum. Big History School is twenty-first century education for every student, in every school, in every country.