Big History School is a ground breaking K-12 resource for schools around the world. Our innovative new platform is designed to easily engage students and teachers alike. In a significant world first we have created a K-12 resource with three separate courses – Big History School Junior (ages 8-12), Big History School Core (ages 12-16), and Big History School Senior (ages 16-17).

Big History School is a philanthropic initiative - it will be freely available to every student, in every school, in every country.

NSW Education Standards Authority Endorsement

By BigHistorySchool_admin | January 31, 2019

We are delighted to announce that the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) has endorsed Big History to be taught as an elective in NSW schools.

From 2019 schools will be able to apply to NESA to teach Big History using Big History School Core as a Board Endorsed course in Years 9 and 10 (Stage 5). Students in Years 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to study Big History for 100 or 200 hours, and have these efforts officially recognised as part of their Record of School Achievement (RoSA), provided their school has been endorsed by NESA to do so.

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Big History School Test Pilot Challenge

By BigHistorySchool_admin | December 03, 2018

Macquarie University, 5th December, 2018

After 15 months of development, Big History School will move into its Preview Phase with the Big History School Test Pilot Challenge at Macquarie University. On Wednesday 5th December 2018, over 90 school students from across Australia will become the first school students to test the completed Big History School resource.

In the Preview Phase we welcome feedback from partners, schools, and teachers to help refine and improve the completed courses. Following the Preview Phase we will release BHS Version 1.0 in September 2019. Big History School is initially available in English – with five options: English – Australia, English – India, English – United Kingdom, English – Canada, and English – United States. We also plan translations into multiple languages.

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