What if my students can't access the website using the school network?

Education department firewalls may bock external websites for students. Ask your IT department to ensure that Big History School has been unblocked by your Education department for use with students.

Big History School uses WordPress which incorporates external website links. Your IT department will need to ensure that any blocked external links used in Big History School are also unblocked.


Does the Big History School website run on mobile and touch devices?

Big History School is designed to work with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. A PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader will also be needed.

Big History School is designed for screen resolutions of 1600 x 900 and above. If lower screen resolutions are used you may need to scale down (below 100%).

An optimal screen resolution would be 1680 x 1050 (100% scale), however higher screen resolutions can also be used.

At all resolutions it is important to maximise the browser window for the best viewing experience.

Big History School is currently functional on tablets, however is not yet optimised for that environment. Further responsive styling will be undertaken as we approach the launch of BHS Version 1.0 in September 2019.


What is the current release of Big History School?

Big History School is available in 5 English language versions: English – Australia, English – India, English – United Kingdom, English – Canada, English – United States.

Release Information

BHS Preview Phase Version: December 2018

BHS Version 1.0: June 2020